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#TeachersServeToo is a movement that aims to garner for teachers the same attention and respect as other service jobs.

After a visit to a retail store, Evan Erdberg noticed that service members in the military are honored and recognized with a 5-10% discount year-round. In contrast, teachers are only recognized for their contributions perhaps once or twice a year: during “back to school” time in the fall or during teacher appreciation week. How peculiar – why is their service only valued one or two times a year (if recognized at all)?

At a time when the nation is facing a massive teacher shortage, isn’t it more important than ever to acknowledge that their profession should be recognized as a job “in-service” to others? #TeachersServeToo is about leading a movement that acknowledges the profound service the teaching profession entails and motivates others to honor the service of teachers year-round.

By connecting with community members, local retail chains, and wellness facilities, Proximity has the opportunity to mobilize the movement and encourage others to see the value of teachers and their service. It can start simply with discount offers for wellness services like yoga classes or meditation, discounted retail merchandise, and perhaps even “teacher nights” to recognize their contributions.